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The New Support Pro­gramme for Young Artists

Bank Austria has a long tradition of supporting art and culture. And we have had a special focus on young artists from the very start, because we regard such support as a sustainable investment in the future of a society.

This is precisely the position of the Bank Austria Studios: Their objective is to offer young artists a comprehensive programme of support that smoothes the path along which they take their first steps towards their artistic future.

The period immediately after leaving university is a particularly challenging one for many. In particular, the problem of finding affordable working space is often very hard to solve. This is only one of the areas where the Bank Austria Studios intervene in order to offer concrete help. The programme supports and accompanies students after they complete their academic training in a number of ways:

The Bank Austria Studios have an international outlook. This is why not only Austrian but also international graduates of Austria’s art academies are invited to apply.

Members of the Jury


Support Services

Application Requirements

Selection Criteria

Application Process in Detail

Submission Documents:

The application can only be made in digital form.

Organisational Documents

Content-related Documents

Please subject the documents, exclusively in digital from and saved as five individual PDF-files, as follows:

Submission Deadline: 15.1. 2021


KW 6/2021: Jury meeting
KW 6/2021: Notification of the artists
KW 9/2021: Occupation of the studios
KW 13/2021: Prospective date for the first meeting of the artists

Conditions of Participation

Questions & Contact

The Bank Austria Studios Programme would be delighted to answer any questions. Please send these to the following mailbox:

The questions and responses (FAQ) will be anonymised and published at for the information of all interested applicants.